Understanding my credit score.. TransUnion says it’s 732 and Equifax says it’s 762. Which one matters?

Understanding my credit score.. TransUnion says it’s 732 and Equifax says it’s 762. Which one matters?

I just looked at my credit score and am really confused. Do I have good credit?

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If I have the suffix JR on my debit card, where do I put it in an online payment?

Ok so I want to buy Minecraft for PC, and when I go to pay for it, I’m using a Mastercard debit card linked to my checking account at the Wright Patterson Credit Union in Dayton, Ohio. My name on the card has JR at the end after the last name. In the payment info for minecraft, there is no spot to put a suffix. Do I enter the JR after the last name in the same line? It declined my card three times, even though I know it works, I used it today at the grocery store. Could it just be the website is having an error? Is it mastercard’s problem? Is it a problem with my bank? (And yes, there’s enough in the account to buy the game many times over) Please help!

If you are under bankruptcy chapter 13 and your car was totaled out from a car accident what will happen next?

Will the courts allow me to buy another car? Will my bankruptcy payments go down? Will i recieve a check from the insurance company? i just need some type of information.

Can my husband legally kick me out of house, I am on the mortgage?

thanks for all the advice so far. he is not a violant person, just loud and annoying. as far as the house i would keep it if i knew that i could pay for it, and i cannot on my own. i am not giving in i just cant buy my own house until he refinances this one and we get divorced. i also know that he is trying to scare me, but it is getting old and now he is wanting to know who is at the house at all times, (my family is coming this weekend) i dont see the right to tell him, but he keeps telling me that it is his house and he has a right to know. he is an idiot and thank you to everyone who responded.

Which service should I conduct my free credit report with?

Well, I just turned 18. I’ve taken business classes all through High School. My senior year was a real eye opener. My teacher told me that as soon as I graduate to obtain a credit report. Alot of people have their identities stolen and don’t even realize it before they are up to their necks in debt. So, I know my rights as an American citizen and I know I’m entitled to one free credit report every twelve months. Of these three: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion; which one is better and why?

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Best Buy Credit Card- does it affect credit score?

I’ve been approved for a $4000 credit limit with best buy. I bought a speaker for $140 and made the minimum payment of $25 one day late. Will that affect my credit score?

I need a loan shark by monday the lattest.?

I got my self in a mess where the only way I will be able to get myself out is if I am able to borrow from a loan shark. I live in michigan and if any one knows any information on how I can go throughout doing this please let me know.PLease no stupid answers on this question I already know it is not the way to seek help. I am not able to borrow from any banks or credit unions. I have been turned down at every online source possible. PLease give me some info that can help me. I need $25,000 by monday. any one have any good ideas for me. I also have a list of scammers that are on yahoo so dont leave me an answer about getting scammed it already happened to me once.please leave good answers and not stupid ones. thank you

What are the chances of being approved for a USDA home loan…?

My husband has recently started receiving disability payments as a result of a degenerative disease that went from something little to something debilitating seemingly overnight.We had to uproot our kids and move in with my parents . We didn’t prepare for this properly (he was 28) and it has destroyed us financially. We have been working with someone concerning USDA and were told that if we paid everything off of our credit report we should be ok. We are a loan because there are no rental options here and no other options for 35 miles, We are trying to keep our kids in this school among other reasons. They ran our credit before we paid several things off (all clear now) and we were given a letter that said it doesn’t look good. We can’t pre-qualify, but if you show you are making an effort and would like to continue further it is still possible. We have paid everything off of our credit, we have written a letter explaining our situation, we have picked out a home that would take about 25% of our income- not only that, my mother said we can not stay beyond the 1st of Oct. We have talked to the owners of the home and they are willing to rent it to us for a short period if we are on the road to getting the home. Is anyone educated on this? I’m very nervous. We put in a check for them to run our credit fr approval and it will show all debts recently paid…

Understanding my credit score.. TransUnion says it’s 732 and Equifax says it’s 762. Which one matters?

I just looked at my credit score and am really confused. Do I have good credit?

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Is 724 a good credit score?

Will bankruptcy stop a foreclosure?

Renting out a house, Wells fargo home mortgage?

hello, I am thinking about renting out my house, but i have a mortgage on it. Currently i am at 84.2% loan to value and my mortgage is a fixed 15 year loan through Wells Fargo. Is there any issue or problems with renting my house out per the mortgage company? I have contacted them, but they need to send me a form to fill out (5-7 days US Snail Mail) and then they will review. I am just looking for a rule of thumb, hunch, ballpark answer. Hell no you cant rent it out! or shouldn’t be a problem!

Need a loan shark! Needing a loan asap?

I need to get a loan of between 10,000-40,000.00. I am trying to buy a business.

How to settle a bad car loan?

if she filed bankruptcy, she still wouldn’t have her OWN car. unless she paid cash or something like that. and either with bankruptcy or debt settlement she would be starting over to save her money for a car. and driving her folks car for as long as they allow. which has already been 19 months. would’ve thought she should save 5-6k on top of what she has by now considering how long she’s been driving it.

How do I remove my brother in law’s name off the mortgage and deed?

I’ve made a dumb mistake by allowing my brother in laws name to be on the mortgage and deed. My sister and him are about to get a divorce. My sister and I want his name to be taken off but he won’t cause of the benefit of getting a portion of the property’s money if we do sell it or if he die (he can write a will and give that portion to his son). We even asked him if we can refinance and he refuse that signature also. So basically my name, my sisters, and my brother in law’s name is on the paper. What legal actions can I take so he won’t be involved with our property anymore? Btw he never payed a cent nor live here.

I want to get a house with my inheritance money but don’t know anything about buying one?

I’m in my 20’s and I’m getting $600,000 in inheritance money soon. I am going to buy a new car, but other than that I’d like to put some of the money down into getting myself a house. Should I find one for sale by owner or through a real estate agency? How much of my money should I put into a house? What should I know before I get a house?

Where do i find a loan shark

Loan shark in ireland

Understanding my credit score.. TransUnion says it’s 732 and Equifax says it’s 762. Which one matters?

I just looked at my credit score and am really confused. Do I have good credit?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

Why are credit card rates over 18% when the prime rate is 4%? Are we all sub, subprimers? ?

What is ususry and Is it immoral or illegal?

How can i access my credit score free of charge?

Me and my dad have the same exact name. Some how all his loans/debt are under my credit?? any1 plz?

This means its under my social security number. How can this happen? and what can i do about this situation?. Plus why not his own credit?. Can I file a lawsuit against who ever made the mistake? I am 22 and my credit score is 493.. not a good feeling

A credit card charges a daily periodic rate of .05318%. What are the monthly and yearly rates?

Ex 12) A. 2.34 monthly and 24.59 yearly B. 1.59 monthly and 19.14 yearly C. 1.43 monthly and 17.16 yearly D. 1.85 monthly and 18.50 yearly

How to raise your credit?

So after pulling my credit report. It turns out I have about 1500 dollars in debt. That debt includes a cable bill, electric bill, an old credit card, and an old T-Mobile account. The rest of the debt is like 8000 dollars in medical bills, from when I had my daughter, a couple years back. I guess my question is should I just pay off the 1500 dollars to raise my credit, and not worry about the medical bills? Or should I contact a debt consumer agency, and try to pay it all off? Should, I declare bankruptcy? Right now my median credit score is about 560-570, and I want to buy a house. How long do you think, it might before, I achieve this? I do have two great lines of credit with both my cars, both due to be paid off soon. I also applied for a secured credit card and got approved. Any financial advice would be appreciated.

Where is a good site on the net to get a credit score without having to sign up for some costly monthly plan?

Or, at least one that is easy to get out of if you get trapped into a plan?

How do I request my entire account history from my auto loan finance company, (Wells Fargo Auto Finance). ?

I am not sure that the balance due is correct, and want to see the payment history. how do I request a payment/account history? Need a sample letter or something, Thank you

Is fakenamegenerator legal?

there is this website called www.freenamegenerator.com that sets you up with a fake credit card. it sounds illegal but u would think that if it was illegal then it would b shut down. is it legal or not?

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How can i get a free credit check without offers of free trials?

Can i get an auto loan at an out of state bank?

Tomorrow, me and my fiancee are going to trade in our old car and get a new vehicle. The new one is in another state. We owe 5k and are getting that for the trade in value, so it is pretty much canceled out. Now we are having to pay about 10k for the new vehicle. Will be able to handle everything at the bank where we are buying the new vehicle at? Seeing how the old loan was at a bank in another state… Thanks for the help.

If I check my credit score?

If I check my credit score and someone else is going to be checking my credit score will this allow him to not be able to do so?

$ 10,000 loan needed A.S.A.P.!!!?

long story but i need a ten thousand dollar loan before the end of this month!?

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Can some one file Bankruptcy on a banknote, also After filing bankruptcy can Someone buy a house?

Understanding my credit score.. TransUnion says it’s 732 and Equifax says it’s 762. Which one matters?

I just looked at my credit score and am really confused. Do I have good credit?

Isn’t boxing + wrestling the best combo for a streetfight?

I’m 17 and was thinking about starting boxing classes for self defense, because my neighborhood is getting crazy. And I used to be on the wrestling team so I know some grappling moves. Would boxing be a good class for self defense? I used to take karate but I stopped because I was young and VERY out of shape.

My bank has sent me a letter about my credit scores. I see names and coments but where isthe score?

Newbie with no credit card balances and confused during home loan process-first time home owner age mid 50s married with independent business for over 30 years-many commercial and realestate loans involved with the business. Seems the fico is saying I am a bad risk but not sure if I am reading the right numbers. Teh comments all refer to not having any revolving credit and I believe the commercial loans we have. Would seem that a net worth over 1 mil and a d to a under .3 would not be bad.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

Does anyone know of an online payday loan web site?

Any way to get a loan with bad credit?

Ok, i’ve been checking out a lot of websites and it seems 1500 is the most, is that correct? Would it be possible to go to like 5 different websites and get 1500 from all of them?

Will a bank buy my Student Loans?

I have a large student loan from Sallie Mae, and want to pay it off. However, they are only giving two options for paying the loan: Interest, where I make absolutely no progress, or Principal, which they determine to be over $400 a month. I can’t afford this, so I’ve been paying interest-only. I hear there are banks that will buy your student loan, pay it, and then you pay the bank back…is this true, and how do I go about doing it? I’d like to find a bank that will let me make progress without breaking my budget, and I’m so done with Sallie May. Also, should I just take out a personal loan and pay off SM, then pay back the personal loan? Other recommendations? Thanks!

Can i cancel a car loan if i still haven’t driven off the lot?

i live in rhode island and i just bought a used car at a dealership. originally the loan was supposed to be under my name with a cosigner. i wasnt approved for the loan so the man switched my name with my cosigner, and also asked me to pay an additional 1000 for a downpayment which i am supposed to bring to him this monday along with my insurence papers. me being excited and half stupid rushed signing the paper work. now reading the contract i notice that the price is actually $6000 higher then what i was told. (originally the sales person told me 15 i had asked if it was what i was paying after the the 5 year lease including interest he had said yes) now i read online and found out that it is next to impossible to cancel a car loan once you have signed the contract, but that a dealer has the power to cancel the loan in 10 days i guess if it feels it gave the buyer too good of a deal. in my case i havent finished paying the down payment, drove the car off the lot, or even gotten it insured. so even though i did sign the papers is there any way i can cancel the contract?

I need a loan to clean up my Credit, any ideas?

i want to get a loan and i cant find a company i owe 1500.00 in various bills but they all but pissed me off in any agreements to give each one of them a certain amount. As each one gets paid off i will take that amount and give to the others.. And they dont want it. I turned off my phone. I only have internet. I use a prepaid phone so they can bother me. I am on Social Security Disability. I would love to make one payment instead of what they want me to pay. One person told me to get a credit counsler. Another friend had a nightmare with one and she just filled for Bankruptcy because of them. What can I do?

Used car loan for $7500?

20 year old full time employed making 1500 a month credit score is 700. Looking to get a 7500 loan for a used car. How much am I looking to pay monthly for 32 months

What’s the difference between an auto loan and…any other loan?

I mean, why do banks have to have a separate category for auto loans? How is it different from just taking any other loan out and using that to pay for the car? Obviously, I’m not financial expert. I’m wondering what the advantages of auto loans are.


I got stuck in a payday loan situation. i have out 4 payday loans. (speedycash, cashnetusa, paydayone,checkngo) i made payment plans to pay 2 of them off within. the next month. how do i deal with the other 2 ? the other 2 i wont be able to pay them off untill after another month of paying off the 1st two. right now im in their companies collections. what happens after that part? do they send me to another angecy? i’ve already closed down the bank account so they cant take out and charge me NSF fees. and these were also online loans. so i never issued out any checks to come out bad. what am i looking at ? i am gonna pay them but its gonna be 2-3 months but they dont wanna hear it becuz they wanna be paid off right away…

REPLICAS SITES!! IOffer, MkHipHop, GoonB2B?

I came across and Researched on my own on these Replica sites ( IOffer, MkHipHop, GoonB2B. Etc ) I even Youtube and seen people purchasing products from these site such as (Gucci Belts, Jordan Shoes, LV Bags, Etc). Being Replicas isn’t the Problem but CAN I TRUST THESE SITES?? Are they Scams? How fast is the shippment. If anyone ever order from these site please let me know, i’ve seen a lot of products i want to order. It would be very helpful! Thanks! ;D

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

How long is best buy (the store) open till?

Help me out plzzz!

Understanding my credit score.. TransUnion says it’s 732 and Equifax says it’s 762. Which one matters?

I just looked at my credit score and am really confused. Do I have good credit?

Tax deductible? Cash-out refi vs. HELOC vs. Equity loans?

My wife and I are planning a major remodel which will start in around 2 1/2 months…we are having trouble finding info on the differences between cash-out refi vs. HELOC vs. Home equity loans vs. typical refi” as far as what the differences are as far as how tax deductible they all are (interest paid

Help please !?

Unearned Rent Revenue. The Krug Company collected $6,000 rent in advance on November 1, debiting Cash and crediting Unearned Rent Revenue. The tenant was paying one year’s rent in advance and occupancy began November 1. Okay, can some one help me. I know they told me the DR. and CR Transaction date December 31 D.R Cash and Cr Unearned Rent revenue Now would be Cash D.R 72,000 and unearned rent revenue 72,000 ?

Are there any lenders in the indianapolis area willing to loan to people with poor credit?

I don’t want a payday loan and the money needed is less than 1500 and can be paid back within the next two months.

How many months Property Tax should be paid in advance as reserve to Lender?

When you close the house, how many months of property tax should be paid in advance as reserves to lender? Does it depend on the lender? If lender says 5 months, can I negotiate with closing attorney?

What are the 3 factors that affect the rate of stream erosion?