Anyone tried Ross Dalby’s winning in the cash flow business?

Anyone tried Ross Dalby’s winning in the cash flow business?

I’m thinking of buying the system and wanted to know if anyone out there has tried it already and could explain how it works…

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance


Where can I get a credit card with no credit or cosigner?

No one in my family wants to cosign for a credit card. however my grandfather did sign for me a new car its about a $18,000 loan but his name is first on the loan. Some people have told me since his name is first that it will not build my credit. i am 20 and really want to start working on building my credit. help please?

Help with payday loans in missouri?

I was really stupid and in a really bad position financially so i took out some payday loans …the kind where you write a check until payday… It was one at first but then it was like robbing peter to pay paul… It has been 3 months i have been paying and it just seems like there is no end in sight until i have the money to pay them off …i just have to keep renewing them. I have no relatives with money to borrow and am working 2 jobs and i have cut out ALL extra spending just to make these payment! Im not even getting ahead on them! I am desperate! Seriously considering living in my car to be able to pay them off! So my question is: these being check loans: if i dont pay, can they send them to the prosecuting attorneys office for hot checks? Then i will have warrants? Or do they just take you to small claims court and get a judgement against you?

If you don’t pay back your car title loan and they take the car, will it go on your credit?

My husband got a title loan for this clunker he used for work. He sold” it to a friend who has yet to pay the full balance. Anyway

Best place to get approved for a loan after bankruptcy?

Hey, Jim I have never made any decisions in life that I regret and If I wanted your judgement on my financial standing then my question would have been Will you judge my finances?” There are no consequences on my part

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

What is a legit Payday loan site no third party with no credit check and fast approval?

Where can I get a copy of my credit report for free without having to join some credit protection service?

Payday loan in paypal?

Hi, I would like to know if there are any payday loan websites which directly transfer funds into your paypal account?? Please provide the list of such websites…

Anyone tried Ross Dalby’s winning in the cash flow business?

I’m thinking of buying the system and wanted to know if anyone out there has tried it already and could explain how it works…

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

A short term loan ????

I got a short term loan for 5000 for 1 year term. repayments are taken out monthly from my account. if i want to pay back the 5 thousand in 4 weeks from now is there extra charges ? and do they let you repay so quick ?. thanx

Where can you find a listing of companies that have filed bankruptcy?

I heard that Linens n Things filed bankruptcy, where can I go to find this out for sure?

Is it a good idea to pay your property taxes separate from your mortgage?

My property taxes are $8400. Ouch…thanks to all of you for your answers…it’s helped me alot!! : )

Can land with pre-existing mortgage be subdivided if none of it is sold? both parcels are kept,but subdivided?

Again…please read…..THis is not a question about if the county will allow it” in terms of if the land qualifies… I already know that if the land was owned outright that it is allowed by the county. The question is really

What’s a completely free hook up/dating site?

Most sites have a free SIGN UP, but require that you give them your credit card info and subscribe if you actually want to enjoy the features. Don’t be retarded and say Facebook or MySpace.

How do you raise a 580 credit score?

So, I have some negative factors on my that I’d like to fix considering a 580 will not give me my own rental (that is my goal): 6. You are 30 days late on one or more payments 7. You have a short length of credit history 8. You have a low credit limit So, #6: it says I have 9 listed negative accounts and 6 listed accounts in collection. I have paid about 3-4 of these accounts off in the past 6 months, if it is under $200: I have no problem paying it. However, I do have insurance and I havent had any medical problems (I am 21) so anything over $200 for a college student with insurance I feel is unreasonable. Also, the majority of debt had occurred 3 years ago (when I was 18). Do you recommend I pay these debts off? It’s about $1500 total between 4-5 accounts because of clerical errors with my insurance and/or insurance didn’t cover a specific company (I had no clue about that type of information as I was 18). What do you suggest to raise it as I am looking for an apartment and I will never receive a rental with a 580 credit score. Also, I have applied for a higher limit other than $500 and they will not allow it. Do you suggest I pay my neg / collection accounts overtime (balance 1500$)? What else am I able to do to raise it? I have 2 credit cards in which I pay on time. I started off bad when I had no credit as a teenager (I think it had raised to 480) so as of now after paying some accounts off, it is 580. My goal is to be atleast at 650. Thanks!

How much would taxi insurance cost?

How much would it cost to insure a car essentially as a taxi? Also how much would it cost for a person to be insured in a customers car (any car they drive)?

What is the best way to pay for things in Bali?

Bank Card, Indonesian Rupiah, Credit Card?

Anyone tried Ross Dalby’s winning in the cash flow business?

I’m thinking of buying the system and wanted to know if anyone out there has tried it already and could explain how it works…

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

What does it mean in the Monopoly board game: mortgaged, unmortgaged and unimproved property?

I’m reading the rules of the classic Monopoly game and this is where it confuses me; is under Paying Rent: When you land on a property that is owned by another player, the owner collects rent from you in accordance with the list printed on its Title Deed card. If the property is mortgaged, no rent can be collected. When a property is mortgaged, its Title Deed card is placed face down in front of the owner. It is an advantage to hold all the Title Deed cards in a color-group (i.e., Boardwalk and Park Place, or Connecticut, Vermont and Oriental Avenues) because the owner may then charge double rent for unimproved properties in that colour-group. This rule applies to unmortgaged properties even if another property in that colour-group is mortgaged.

Are citibank credit cards good?

Is a Citibank credit card a good card to have? If so are there any good college cards with a high limit? I have 720+ across the 3 bureaus and never missed a payment as well as low balances. I need one high limit credit card because my highest limit right now is 1300. Any suggestions whether it be Citi or another bank?

How much does it cost to file chapter 7 bankruptcy in the state of california?

about how much does it cost to file ch. 7 bankruptcy in the state of california… does it depend on the debts i have enmassed???

Credit rating, why was i rejected?

Today i tried to get a tmobile contract phone, £20 per month for 18month and was credit rejected by experian and i dont know why. ive never taken out credit in my life, never been in debt for anything either. every month i clear 100% of my credit card bill on time. ive lived where i live now for over 3yrs ive had a bank account since i was a child and have never been over drawn once by so much as a penny and i have a reasonably healthy bank balance. i dont work due to health reasons and i live in rented accomodation paid for by HB but i was not asked any income related questions in the last 3 yrs my credit card has been defrauded twice but i was told this would not have any baring on my rating and also someone tried to take out credit with littlewoods in my name fraudulently and again i was told at the time that this wouldnt affect my rating ive signed up for free credit report on credit expert but thats gonna take 48hrs and i want to know now, im really really angry about it can anyone help me? and what can i possibly do to improve my rating when i dont owe anything to anyone? thanks


Dwight took out a payday loan for $1250 due in 4 weeks that charged a $100 fee. What is the periodic interest rate of the loan? A. 8% B. 32% C. 416% D. 104%

Are there any legit websites to get personal loans from?

I need at least a $1000 to pay my bills. By Friday. I have a job. but i have bad credit where can i get a loan?

I need a loan or a way to come up with $1000 by friday. i have bills to pay. I don’t want a payday loan. i have tried and they want. no one will co-sign for me or no family member will loan me any money. So if anyone have a great i deal to come up with it please leave me and answer. I also want do in crazy acts. example( stealing, or prostituting.

What is the top three credit buroes?

Im just trying to get my credit score.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

Which of these is the best financing choice?

I’m looking to trade my car in next year for a 2012 Mustang. Mustang goes for around $20,000-25,000 depending if I get new or used. I’ll owe about $12,500 on my current car which will book for around $11,000 retail $9,500 trade in so I’m a little upside down I understand, but my bank will save me $4,000 off MSRP on a new Mustang. The thing that makes all this possible is I should have between $10,000 and $12,000 to put towards this matter when the time comes. So my question is, is it better to: 1. Try and pay off my 6%APR loan right now, and have that $9,000 equity free and clear to trade towards the new one? 2. Pay my current loan till it’s in the black again and trade the car? 3. Keep my same payments, and just put a huge chunk of cash down on a new car to offset the negative equity? Essentially I just don’t know where or when to apply the $10,000 to save the most money in the long run. And if it helps, I don’t plan on ever being upside down again, I’ll finally be able to get the car I REALLY WANT, and drive it till the wheels fall off instead of keep getting stuck in cars I didn’t want in the first place, but could afford” and always regretting it.”

How do I get rid of this credit reporting serivce they bill me every month.. Its mini credit $12.95?

I get billed for this every month and yet I dont remember ever signing up for this service I need help I am tired of it. I want to get rid of this service but there is no contact information given about this company

Do Chevron Business Gas Cards offer Cash Advance?

I was wondering if i could use my chevron/texaco business gas card to recieve cash and if so are there any fees? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

Best credit repair companies that are not too expensive?

is there a reputable credit repair company that is reasonable? i tried doing it myself, but with no luck. im not too sure which company is good. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

If you filed bankruptcy, what has the result been since? do you feel like credit is even harder to get?

Or does it seem like credit is even easier to get now. If you fillied bankruptcy are your credit offers better then before or worse then before, or no credit at all? im asking about after the 3 – 6 month period. Do you feel it was a wise move? or do you wish you did’nt file bankruptcy at all. I’m truly intrested in every ones opinon. Personally if i was a credit agency. During these diffcult econmics if i was a creditor i would give everyone exterme low rates like 1.9% on there current bills and credit cards, because i know that would be affordable, therefore making people more opt to pay now. then to regan my intrest yet still keep you as a customer raise the rate to %9.9 while everyone else raises it to %28.9 i keep you at %9.9percent knowing you would not feel ripped off and glad to pay a decent intrest rate. So please lety me know how bankruptcy affected you. Thank you! Michael

Anyone tried Ross Dalby’s winning in the cash flow business?

I’m thinking of buying the system and wanted to know if anyone out there has tried it already and could explain how it works…

Do Auto Loan Deferments exist?

I am going on parental leave in two months and will not be unemployed for at least two months post-delivery. Does anyone know if such a thing as a parental or unemployment deferment exists for auto loans? I know they exist for student loans, but am not able to find any info regarding auto loans on the internet. I’ve also contact my Lender but have not heard back from them and don’t really expect to-I haven’t had much luck receiving return communication from them in the past. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

Does an overdraft affect credit ratings?

Recently when looking at cars on finance the salesman asked how my credit rating is and to be honest I have no idea. I have paid a few phone bills a week after payment was due (without having it cut off) I also have an arranged overdraft with RBS and although I’ve had it a couple of years now, I’ve never went over the agreed limit. Will any or both of these affect my ability for a car on finance through affecting my credit rating?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

Are those online mortgage calculators accurate?

I just checked out an online debt-to-income calculator and it says I have a 19%. This I know is correct as the figures are very straight-forward. This is a good sign, right? Also, I have made an appointment with my bank’s mortgage originator for tomorrow afternoon. I’m just very nervous about what I’ll learn there and I’m hoping for some reassurance. So thanks!

Search college scholarships & financial aid / perkins loan?

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I need some credit advice please. :)?

I am 21 years old and trying really hard to build my credit. My current credit score is 659 according to Credit Karma. I have a Auto Loan for 14k that I have had since May of 2010 and I have been on time with every single payment weekly payment of $72. My fiance’s mother co-signed for me and the loan officer said that in a year I can go back in and have her removed. With her being on the loan as a co-signer is it building my credit at all or is it affecting hers only? Once I go back in to have her removed should I refinance or would that not be wise? I also have a Gordon Jeweler’s Credit Card with a $500 limit. I currently have $180 on it. Now here is where I really need the advice. I am getting enough back with my income tax return that I could pay it completely off. Would it benefit me more to pay it off all at once or to make $50 payments each month until it is paid off? I know having a credit card with a zero balance helps your credit or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I just want to make sure that I am doing everything that I can to build my credit because it is crap right now. I have tried applying for 3 or 4 different credit cards, which I know hurt my credit so I won’t be applying for any more until my credit is a lot better. Thank you ahead of time for the help! 🙂

How can I file bankruptcy on a forclosure?

Last year my husband and I lost a home we purchased about 3 years ago. This house was to be an investment. We remodeled the entire house and completed just as the market crashed. This past March the house was foreclosed on after being on the market as as short sale for 2 years. We want to file bankruptcy because this ruined our finances. We still have our home we live in but we now have 2 creditors suing us. How do we file for bankruptcy and include the taxes we will probably be charged for the house we lost in March 2010?

Tips on buying a new car?

Hmmmm… dilemma dilemma! Ok so i want to buy a car but my paranoid dad thinksim going to crash and die if i buy a used car so only one im allowed to buy is a new car. My parents aren’t paying a cent for the new car and here’s my dilemma. How will i afford a new car with my own money? AN AUTO LOAN! oh my! ok so i don’t know a thing about buying a new car.. let alone owning a car so tips, pointers, anyone? I’m thinking of buying the ultimate korean car!!!!!! corolla! yay!!!!!!~ sadly it’s the only one that i like that’s a decent price. ok and one other thing can some please clarify what s, ce, le, and all those weird symbols are possibly relevant to me. I’m thinking of getting a four door sedan, automatic, what else is there hmm probably a le but i can’t seem to figure out the difference. ok anyways i’ll stop talking and let you talk ^^~

Can filing for bankruptcy effect your green card renewal? ??

i would like to know guru where you found the answer to my question and what is your knowledge in this situation? 2 hours ago i found this so your wrong, tootles love

Where is the best online site to check my credit score?

i’m looking for a FREE web-site to check my credit report. don’t want it to be one of those sites that try to get you to sign up for year long stuff, plz help!!!

I’m in major debt, how do i get out?

I owe about $11,000 between my two credit cards, paying off a DUI from many years back, paying off a ticket [$530!], and from getting braces [which i am still paying off monthly]. I make about $1,200 a month [if my boss doesn’t take off a lot of time] but i still have rent, cell phone bills, gas, and food to pay for! How in the world do i make a lot of money, and quick, to pay off all these things without having to file bankruptcy? Thank you for all of your suggesstions!!

Merrick Bank Credit Card Application Question?

I applied for a Merrick Bank credit card earlier this week when I got there pre-approved offer in the mail.. and after I did the application I got this response. Congratulations! You have been approved for a Merrick Bank Credit Card, subject to verification of the information provided in your application. If we need any additional information, we will notify you within the next two weeks. Once the verification process has been satisfied, you will be issued your new card(s). Please allow an additional two weeks for delivery. I am a little bit confused … does this mean I’m not definitely approved yet? I’m thinking I am approved, but they just have to verify stuff first. Or do they just have to verify a few things first before they can complete the card. Also how do they do the verification? I had that response before when I got my orchard bank card that was over a year ago & I did get the card in the mail. Also for those of you who have Merrick Bank credit cards.. how long did it take for you to receive it in the mail after you applied? Thanks!!

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can find the best solutions for your finance situations :Personal Finance

Bankruptcy questions?

Anyone tried Ross Dalby’s winning in the cash flow business?

I’m thinking of buying the system and wanted to know if anyone out there has tried it already and could explain how it works…

How do I fix my credit after a divorce?

My husband and I had credit cards and auto loans together, He look everything and now has stop paying on things because hes with someone else and it’s hurting my credit how do I get them off of my report?

Cheap car insurence in ny?

Different between loans and advances of a bank?

Full answer

Exceeded my Visa credit limit by a few dollars?

I am always perfect with my credit card: not putting too much on it, paying as soon as I get my statement, etc. However, I just went over my credit limit by a few dollars, and I’m freaking out. I paid it immediately, but I’m terrified of what this will do to my credit score. I have a regular Visa credit card, and I couldn’t really find any information online about what they specifically do with first time ‘offenders’ like me. If anyone knows what might happen or has been through the same thing, please help!

I want to file bankruptcy for free. Who does it in DC?